Reports and briefings

This page provides links to download PDF versions of and/or read online reports and briefings from the different Realising Just Cities UK projects.

A simple flipbook version of the Realising Just Cities UK overview (September 2019) has been published via the Internet Archive (, a non-profit digital library documenting the world wide web and other digital artefacts:

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The same report is also available as an interactive flipbook on  Note that is a commercial enterprise so you will see adverts alongside the interactive report.


Full list of reports and briefings from Realising Just Cities UK:

Co-production in local climate politics Policy Brief.
(2021) Ryan Bellinson and Beth Perry.
8 pages. PDF. 

Whose Heritage Matters Graphic Report.
(2021) Beth Perry, Rike Sitas, Fred Odede, Patrick Hayombe, Vicky Habermehl, Ukhona Mlandu and Maurietta Stewart. 
69 pages. PDF. 

Whose Heritage Matters Cape Town Final Report.
(2021) Rike Sitas and Beth Perry.  
25 pages. PDF. 

Whose Heritage Matters Kisumu Report.
(2021) Beth Perry, Fred Odede, Patrick Hayombe, Rike Sitas and Vicky Habermehl.  
25 pages. PDF. 

Whose Heritage Matters Policy Brief. 
(2020) Rike Sitas and Maurietta Stewart. 
34 pages. PDF. 

Realising Just Cities UK: An Overview of Activity, 2016–2019.
(2019) Beth Perry, Kristina Diprose, Sophie King, Vicky Habermehl, Iona Hine, Tim May, Bert Russell, Vicky Simpson, Charlie Spring, and Nick Taylor Buck, with Alex McVicar-Payling, Jenny Patient, and Ryan Bellinson.
52 pages. Interactive PDF. [See above]

How can we govern cities differently? The promise and practices of co-production.
(2019) Beth Perry, Catherine Durose, Liz Richardson and the Action Research Collective.
60 pages. PDF.

Co-Producing the City | Jam and Justice: Co-Producing Urban Governance for Social Innovation, ESRC & Mistra Urban Futures. In Impact.
(2019) Beth Perry, Bert Russell, Catherine Durose, Liz Richardson and Alex Whinnom.
Read online. [Also available to download from]

Councillors and Communities.
(2019) Jam & Justice and North West Employers.
4 pages. PDF. Accessible language. 

Life Lessons.
(2019) The Jam and Justice Group.
8 pages. PDF. Written by the young co-researchers.

Life Lessons: Technical Appendix.
(2019) Dan Silver, Suraya Skelland, Natalie Hindson, Joanne Hunt, Paul Maher, Beth Perry.
4 pages. PDF.

Localising the Sustainable Development Goals.
(2019) Policy Briefing from Sheffield Urban Institute and UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development. Kristina Diprose, Nick Taylor Buck, Beth Perry, and Emily Auckland.
4 pages. PDF.

Platting, Pigeons and PFI: A Community Map of Miles Platting.
(2019) Residents of Miles Platting and Whose Knowledge Matters researchers.
2 pages. PDF. NB This is a fold-out design so some text may appear upside down when read on screen.

Space in Common: Key Messages.
(2019) The Democratic Society and Jam and Justice.
8 pages. PDF.

Testing the 21st Century Councillor Framework.
(2019) Dawn Kelly, North West Employers and Jam & Justice.
28 pages. PDF.

Transform GM: A Pilot Study of the Social & Solidarity Economy in Greater Manchester.
(2019) Bertie Russell and Benjamin Lear.
28 pages. PDF.

Whose Knowledge Matters? Platting, Pigeons and PFI.
(2019) Leaflet [and exhibition] as part of #Peterloo2019, Manchester Central Library, June–August.
4 pages. PDF.

An Inquiry into the Challenge of Care at Home.
(2018) Inquiry participants with Jez Hall, Amanda Preece, Jayne McFadyen, and Katie Finney.
28 pages. PDF.

Everyday Politics.
(2018) Aba Graham, Daniel Nkrumah, Saraswati Sinha, Elaine Unegbu, Jane Gregory, Nidhi Minocha, Pete Simms, Tony Wright and Steven Calver, with Catherine Durose, Dan Silver, Sarah Whitehead, Julie Asumu, and Amanda Bickerton.
28 pages. PDF.

Festivals as Integrative Sites: Valuing Tangible and Intangible Heritage for Sustainable Development.
(2018) Beth Perry, Laura Ager and Rike Sitas with Stephen Agong, Beth Aggett, Chiara Badiali, Patrick Hayombe, Walter van der Leur, Annemiek van der Meijden, Fredrick Odede, Loes Rusch, Naomi Roux, Gail Skelly, Karen Shannon, David Simon, Olle Stenbäck, Tony Whyton, Marline Listette Wilders, Gloria Dawson and Vicky Simpson.
48 pages. PDF. 

GM Energy Futures 2020–2035: Municipal Energy Scenarios Explored.
(2018) Jonathan Atkinson, Britt Jurgensen and Hannah Knox, with Ben Aylott, Bertie Russell, Laura Williams, and Matt Fawcett.
15 pages. PDF.

Housing Futures: Next Steps: Recommendations of the Housing Futures Research Partnership.
(2018) Richard Goulding.
24 pages. PDF.

Housing Futures: What can Community-Led Housing Achieve for Greater Manchester?
(2018) Richard Goulding with Hannah Berry, Mick Davies, Sophie King, Carl Makin, Julie Ralph, and Isaac Rose.
96 pages. PDF.

People’s Procurement: Jam & Justice: co-producing urban governance for social innovation.
(2018) CLES.
28 pages. PDF.

Our Socio-Ecological Projects.
(2017) Flyer. Realising Just Cities.
2 pages. PDF.

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