Jenny Patient

Jenny’s PhD project has developed from work over the last 3 years to engage trade unions around climate change. The fringe programme around COP21 in Paris led to conversations with trade unions in energy-intensive industries, such as steel, glass and cement, that underpin the cities of Leeds, Hull and Sheffield. As a PhD student within the Realising Just Cities programme Jenny is working to help trade unions play a full role in an energy transition that brings both sustainability and justice, at a time when action on climate at a city level has never been so important. Jenny is co-supervised by Beth Perry and Stephen Connelly. Read more about this project in the Realising Just Cities UK report.

Jenny’s first career direction was managing computer projects in the UK railways, before a change to adult education where she has worked in community regeneration, active citizenship and sustainability. Her degree in Maths (University of Warwick, 1984) sneaked in some Sociology, followed by a post-graduate teaching certificate in 2004 (University of Huddersfield). A Masters in Human Ecology (2005–2007, University of Strathclyde) confirmed Jenny’s interest in action research and participatory processes, whilst grounding her subsequent work on energy and climate change at Heeley City Farm and Sheffield Climate Alliance.


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