Books, articles and chapters

This page lists and links to online versions of academic publications written, edited or co-written by members of the Realising Just Cities team during the project (2016–2019). The selection includes books (►), book chapters (♦), and journal articles (⇒), and some articles written for the wider media (≈). Several of these publications (including book extracts) are available to download at the bottom of this page.  

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♦ Cities, experiments and the logics of the knowledge economy.
Tim May and Beth Perry
In The Experimental City, ed. James Evans, Andrew Karvonen, Rob Raven.

♦ Cities, universities and urban knowledge exchange: 
lessons from a regional experiment in the UK.

Tim May, Beth Perry and Hugh Willmott.
In Organizational Networks for Innovation, ed. R. Mercurio, pp. 97–115.

⇒ Is another urbanization possible?  
Bert Russell.
Regions: The Voice of the Membership [Regional Studies Association] 303, pp. 11­–13.

⇒ Knowledge for Just Sustainability.  
Tim May and Beth Perry.
Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability 22.sup1, pp. 23–35.

⇒ Understanding Social Accountability:
Politics, Power and Building New Social Contracts.

Sam Hickey and Sophie King.
Journal of Development Studies 52.8, pp.1–16.


≈ A mysterious death in Argentina draws attention to indigenous land struggles.
Nick Clare, Liz Mason-Deese and Victoria Habermehl.
The Conversation. (27 October 2017.)

⇒ Beyond Critique:
The Value of Co-Production in Realising Just Cities? Article in Local Environment

Beth Perry and Mark Atherton.
Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability 22.sup1, pp. 36­–51.

⇒ Building Democracy from Below:
Lessons from Western Uganda.

Sophie King and Sam Hickey.
Journal of Development Studies 53.10, pp. 1584–1599.

► Cities and Knowledge:
Promise, Politics and Possibility.

Tim May and Beth Perry.
Routledge. 204 pages.

≈ Eight Lessons from Barcelona en Comú on How to Take Back Control
Bert Russell and Oscar Reyes.
Open Democracy. (8 March 2017)

≈ Fearless Cities:
The New Urban Movements.

Bert Russell and Oscar Reyes.
Red Pepper. (16 August 2017)

♦ Navigating the rapids of urban development:
lessons from the Biospheric Foundation, Salford.

Beth Perry, Vincent Walsh and Catherine Barlow.
In Transience and Permanence in Urban Development, ed. John Henneberry, pp. 85–99.

≈ Radical Municipalism:
Demanding the Future.

Bert Russell & Plan C.
Open Democracy. (26 June 2017)

► Reflexivity:
The Essential Guide.

Tim May and Beth Perry.
SAGE. 248 pages.

The Future of Sustainable Cities:
Governance, Policy and Knowledge

Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability. 22. Sup.1.
Ed. Tim May and Simon Marvin.

⇒ Urban Crisis:
Bonfire of Vanities to Find Opportunities in the Ashes.

Tim May.
Urban Studies 54.9, pp. 2189­–2198.


Co-Producing Urban Governance for Social Innovation.
Politics and Governance. 6.1.
Ed. Liz Richardson, Catherine Durose and Beth Perry.

♦ Connecting the dots:
The politics of governing urban climate adaptation innovations through transnational municipal networks.

Ryan Bellinson
In Climate Change in Cities: Innovations in Multi-Level Governance, ed. Sara Hughes, Eric K. Chu, and Susan G. Mason, pp.183–202.

⇒ Craft Metrics to Value Co-Production.
Catherine Durose, Liz Richardson and Beth Perry.
Nature 562. pp. 32–33.

≈ Jackson Rising.
Bert Russell.
Open Democracy. (13 September 2018)

⇒ Learning pathways and the governance of innovations in urban climate change resilience and adaptation.
Ryan Bellinson and Eric Chu. 
Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning 21.1. pp. 76–89.

♦ Mercado Bonpland and solidarity production networks in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Victoria Habermehl, Nela Gallardo Araya, and Maria Ximena Arqueros.
In Contested Markets, Contested Cities: Gentrification and Urban Justice in Retail Spaces, ed. Sara González, pp. 115–130.

⇒ Organising for Co-Production:
Local Interaction Platforms for Urban Sustainability.

Beth Perry, Zarina Patel, Ylva Norén Bretzer and Meritt Polk.
Politics and Governance 6.1, pp. 189–198.

≈ Scaling up, or scaling out?
Trans-local solidarity and the new municipalist movements.

Laura Roth and Bert Russell.
Roar Magazine 8, pp. 81–93.

⇒ Territories in Contestation:
Relational Power in Latin America.

Nick Clare, Victoria Habermehl and Liz Mason-Deese.
Territory, Politics, Governance 6.3, pp. 302–321.

≈ What Can an Institution Do?
Towards Public-Common Partnerships and a New Common-Sense.

Bert Russell and Keir Milburn.
Renewal: A Journal of Social Democracy 26.4, pp. 45–55.


⇒ Beyond the Local Trap:
New Municipalism and the Rise of the Fearless Cities.

Bert Russell.
Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography 51.3, pp. 989–1010.

≈ Building the new left economics:
public-common partnerships and new circuits of ownership.

Keir Milburn and Bert Russell.
Open Democracy. (27 June 2019)

⇒ Cultural Heritage Entanglements:
Festivals as Integrative Sites for Sustainable Development

Beth Perry, Laura Ager and Rike Sitas.
International Journal of Heritage Studies. pp.16.

► Cultural Intermediaries Connecting Communities:
Revisiting Approaches to Cultural Engagement.

Phil Jones, Beth Perry, and Paul Long (eds.).
Policy Press. 252 pages.

⇒ Evidence and Insight:
In Search of the Distinctiveness of the University as a Site of Knowledge Production.

Tim May.
Insights 10.14. pp.14.

♦ Fearless Cities Municipalism:
Experiments in Autogestion.

Bert Russell.
Open Democracy (21 February 2019).
Also published in A Vision For Europe, ed. David Adler and Rosemary Bechler.

≈ Festivals can transform cities by making way for overlooked people and cultures.
Beth Perry and Rike Sitas.
The Conversation (15 August 2019).

⇒ Food Systems Sustainability:
An Examination of Different Viewpoints on Food System Change.

Gareth Haysom, E. Gunilla Almered Olsson, Mirek Dymitrow, Paul Opiyo, Nick Taylor Buck, Michael Oloko, Charlotte Spring, Kristina Fermskog, Karin Ingelhag, Shelley Kotze and Stephen Gaya Agong
Sustainability 11, article 3337.

♦ Governing the creative city:
the practice, value and effectiveness of cultural intermediation.

Beth Perry.
In Jones, Perry and Long eds, Cultural Immediaries Connecting Communities (see above).

≈ How “Public-Common Partnerships” Can Help Us Take Back What’s Ours.
Keir Milburn and Bert Russell.
Novara (10 July 2019).

≈ How social innovation can support citizen participation.
Beth Perry, Catherine Durose and Liz Richardson.
Open Access Government 23 (July 2019).

⇒ Moving towards Hybridity:
The Example of Citizen Participation.
Liz Richardson, Catherine Durose and Beth Perry.
Social Policy and Administration 53, pp. 265–278.

≈ Public-Common Partnerships:
Building New Circuits of Collective Ownership.

Keir Milburn and Bert Russell.
Common Wealth. 28 pages.

⇒ Producing Territory:
Territorial Organizing of Movements in Buenos Aires. SI Contested Urban Territories.

Liz Mason-Deese, Victoria Habermehl, and Nick Clare.
Geographica Helvetica 74, pp. 153–161.

♦ Real or fake?
Crisis and Self-managed economies in Buenos Aires.

Victoria Habermehl.
In Speculative Infrastructures and Cities-in-the-making: a workshop magazine, ed. Jonathan Silver.

≈ The next phase of the Preston Model is the Public Commons Partnership.
Keir Milburn and Bert Russell.
CityMetric. (27 June 2019)

 Thinking Sociologically.
Zygmunt Bauman and Tim May.
Third edition. Wiley Blackwell. 198 pages.

⇒ Three Tyrannies of Participatory Governance.
Liz Richardson, Catherine Durose and Beth Perry.
Journal of Chinese Governance 2, pp. 123–143.        

♦ Towards cultural ecologies:
why urban cultural policy must embrace multiple cultural agendas.

Beth Perry and Jessica Symons.
In Jones, Perry and Long eds, Cultural Immediaries Connecting Communities (see above).

Forthcoming (2020):

♦ Cultural heritage and improvised music in European festivals. 
Tony Whyton and Beth Perry.

♦ Participatory Cities from the “Outside-In”:
The Value of Comparative Learning.

Beth Perry and Bert Russell.

Social Research:
Issues, Methods and Process.

Tim May and Beth Perry.
Fifth edition.

► Routledge Handbook of Food Waste.
Ed. Christian Reynolds, Tammara Soma, Charlotte Spring, and Jordon Lazell.
Routledge, 520 pages.