Between 13–18 October 2019, the Realising Just Cities team at the Urban Institute coordinated a succession of events as hosts of the 4th Mistra Urban Futures conference. Why did we meet and what did we achieve? Realising Just Cities UK impact officer Iona Hine reports:

Our second guest post by Rene Meijer, Action Research Team member of SAFE, a project aiming to convene spaces for exchanging knowledge and amplifying work towards more urban food systems.

By Richard Goulding, 30th October 2019

Central Manchester’s apartment boom has become a matter of running controversy in recent years. The city’s political leaders and development industry argue this has brought renewed growth after 20th Century decline brought on by deindustrialisation. Critics point to disconnect between cranes on the skyline and a crisis of street and ‘hidden’ homelessness, asking who benefits from the city’s regeneration.

Dr Aimee Ambrose, Reader in Energy Policy, The Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University, 25th October 2019

A guest post by Rene Meijer, CEO of FoodWorks and SAFE Sheffield Action Research Team member, reporting part of a series of visits to exchange knowledge on forms and impacts of surplus food redistribution

By Ryan Bellison, PhD Student 22nd July 2019

I, like most other researchers, am passionate about the topics I investigate. So when I was recently presented with an opportunity to participate in a TV programme, I was quite excited to share my work with a new audience.